QMUNITY is a community app assisting the Sarawak Authorities to track movements of people for contact tracing if necessary, during the COVID-19 outbreak in Malaysia. By using this app, the location history of a person can be tracked and contacted in case of an emergency.

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Since 18th March 2020, Malaysia has implemented a nationwide Movement Control Order (MCO) to restrict the spread of the disease. People may still visit grocery shops to replenish their supplies and hence, poses a risk of being infected by COVID-19. This situation will be worse especially after work resumption.

The COVID-19 outbreak became uncontrollable when those infected by this virus could not track back who they have encountered and this disables potential infected individuals to be quarantined or tested. When the movement of every individuals can be logged while accessing public spaces, individuals within the premises can be informed if there are recent cases in the area to minimize the response time in controlling the situation. Individuals are required to check-in a premise through a centralized app either through QR scanning or facial recognition for recording purpose.

Our Purpose

QMUNITY is built upon the concept of a smart city citizen engagement app in envisioning every citizen can adapt to the new norm of adopting technology into their daily routines. QMUNITY aims to be a total technology solutions provider for the community in the future.



To provide a unified platform that allows users to check-in at a public premise.

To gather sufficient information for movement tracking analysis.

To provide firsthand information to users on current COVID-19 situations.